affect or effect

Affect OR effect, ‘to affect something’ OR ‘have an effect’, similar meaning but different use, explained here and elsewhere

Affect with an ‘A‘, or, B) effect with an ‘E’

affect pr effect a or b

Affect is a verb, so it’s actually ‘to affect (something)’, the other is a noun, an effect ‘is (something)’.


(A) This experience will affect you profoundly.
(B) This website will have a profound effect on you.

OR both OR neither

so is it affect OR effect?

Depends on who is doing the thing and how they’re doing the thing. How you want to express the thing. Which words you choose affects which words to choose. You can try to ignore the effects, that’s up to you.


You don’t affect the world, but you have an effect on existence.


The world affects you constantly, you feel its effects OR try to ignore them. Meanwhile:

effect affect effect

OR you could visit OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR

They have toughts on the whole situation too, words and whatnot.

To know something*, is to be able to talk about it, to use the right words. That’s what you learn, even if they don’t teach it. Before you can truly understand something*, you need to learn the vocabulary of that something*, recognize its grammar, see how both combine, into everything.

Words have meaning, OR they used to, but the expression of those words can mean something* else, something* less, something* more. 

* something can refer to a subject, language, a craft, a situation, a procedure, a dynamic, an experience, a relationship, a category, a policy, the in-group and the out-group, humanity, a period in time, a portion of space, a dichotomy, a transformation, a thought, a text, a brand, a cosmos, or a thing, living or dead