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song OR poem, 1 & 2

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wind thumbs through paper leaves
rustles and tugs
until it plucks
a single one

just one leaves
and dances with the wind that day

it springs and skips and vaults 
whisked into a gust
of drops and somersaults

until at last
it falls

it will not know the winter

a leaf is not a tree
one dies the other sleeps
one dances as one sways

a tree is not just leaves
but is it truly
folly to say
a tree leapt through the air
that one autumn day


before there was anything
before birds
before trees
there appeared
to be something
in the vast, vacant seas

how it got there
we don’t know
but it must have
been something
out of nothing perhaps
it was a
the begin

the start
out of many perhaps
that began everything

a strand in formation
a shape in the void
not really living
still cold
but not dead

it was never alone
it couldn’t have been
it shared all its matter
it did not have skin

a cell is a prison
with an out and an in

but without walls
before structure or rank

we were one
sharing and shifting our shapes
in the blank